As an Alberta girl with pioneer roots, I have deep respect for tradition, craftsmanship and the rustic nature of the prairie landscape. I have loved to draw and share stories since I was a child. Storytelling helps us understand others, communicate with the world around us and dream about the future. I use my linocut artwork to tell stories and make connections.

My artwork combines hand-carved linocut printmaking with digital graphic design and photography. I work with texture and layers to create illustrations, designs and surface patterns. The unique texture of ink on paper reflects my interest in things that are "a little rough around the edges". My work features organic motifs as well as elements from history, fairy tales and vintage design. Creating beautiful, moody art that tells a timeless story is the essence of my work.

I am inspired by stories

With a background in advertising design and illustration, I am able to take projects from start to finish. Projects I have worked on include logos, oracle cards, books, posters and product packaging. Learning is important to me. I am continuously searching for new opportunities to share my love for printmaking and design. Selling artwork on Etsy and Creative Market has allowed me to expand my audience and increase my exposure.


Surface pattern design has been an exciting way for me to boost my skills and creative practice. Converting my linocut prints to vector art gives me the flexibility to use my illustrations for many applications at any size. Connecting with new clients and brand partners to license my artwork for home decor, fabric, apparel and stationery are part of my plan to grow my creative business.


Features & Exhibitions


Issue #49, April/May/June 2021

Surface Pattern Design Guide

• Portfolio and profile on page 88

Emerald Lotus Divination

"Lighting the Way Oracle Deck"

Unboxing & Flip Through, March 2021

• Lighting the Way Linocut Oracle Deck


Film & Television

“A Teacher” Dramatic Miniseries

OP Teacher Productions Inc.

FX Networks production, November 2020

Artwork used on set for season 1, episodes 3, 6 & 7 

"Guilty Party" Television Series, Season 1

GP Television Productions Ltd.

CBS Networks production, May 2021

 Graphic Designer 

Creative Market Blog

Design Trend Report: Linocut Graphics and Effects

Marc Schenker, February 10, 2020

• Featured White River Studio linocut illustrations 

Clayhill Arts

"Restriction" Exhibition

Curated by Correspondence Collective

March 23 – April 6, 2021, Somerset UK

• Artwork displayed in letterpress case trays 4,6 & 7