I believe there are endless opportunities to learn from and explore both traditional and modern processes of image-making by combining fine art and commercial design. Weaving old and new techniques together to communicate ideas and messages is the foundation of my work.

Creativity is the act of sharing using a unique language. My “language” is a collaboration of the skills I have learned, the inspiration I feel and the talent I have developed throughout my life and career. My work blends traditional, hand-carved linocut prints with digital graphic design and photography. I am drawn to the stylized figures, colour palettes and organic motifs of Art Nouveau poster art. Nature, spirituality, history and vintage design also inspire me.

my story

After many years as a graphic designer, I have returned to my roots in the fine arts and my passion for printmaking. I received my BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Alberta College of Art and Design then began my career in the advertising industry. When I started a family I continued my design career on a freelance basis to spend more time with my children. Combining my fine art and commercial design skills with the artwork I create in my White River Studio challenges and inspires me to grow creatively.​
My name is Renée White. Living and working in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada, for most of my life has given me a deep appreciation for tradition, handmade quality and the rustic nature of the prairie landscape. My interest in creating art began at the age of four, sitting at the kitchen table with a box of markers and a roll of paper. I wanted to be an artist.
​I photograph my illustration and design projects to showcase the unique process I use to create my artwork. Projects I have been commissioned to create include logos, cover art, illustrations for signage, murals and packaging design. I am always searching for new opportunities to expand my business and share my love for printmaking and design. My collections of linocut illustrations are also available for purchase through my White River Studio Shop on
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