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Welcome to White River Studio. I am a prairie girl living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I create linocut prints inspired by my interest in nature, spirituality, storytelling, Art Nouveau and vintage design. My work blends hand-carved linocut prints with graphic design, typography and photography. I preserve the character of my original linocuts by scanning my prints in high resolution before adding colour and text. More of my work can be viewed on my portfolio.
One of my designs featuring illustrations from my "Prairie Girl Linocuts" collection
Colour linocut Illustrations and box design I created for my "Lighting The Way" Oracle card set
What is "hand-carved digitally crafted linocut artwork?" Linocut prints are created by carving an image into a sheet of linoleum using a sharp tool. I prefer to use linoleum that is mounted on a wooden block. The raised "uncarved" areas on the linoleum block become the printed image. The linoleum sheet is then inked with a roller called a brayer, and pressed onto a surface such as paper or fabric. Transferring the inked image from the linoleum to create a print can be done by hand or with a printing press. All of my printmaking is done by hand using water soluble printmaking ink. I then scan the lino print to produce a high quality digital vector graphic. This technique allows me to add colour, text and fine-tune my design while preserving the handmade character of the original lino print. The finished artwork is very versatile as it can be printed at any size and used to design a wide range of projects including logos, illustrations, labels and posters. Read more about linocut graphics in Design Trend Report: Linocut Graphics and Effects featuring my linocut artwork on CreativeMarket.com

my story

My name is Renée White. Living and working in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada, for most of my life has given me a deep appreciation for tradition, homegrown quality and the rustic nature of the prairie landscape. My interest in creating art began at the age of four, sitting at the kitchen table with a box of markers and a roll of paper. I wanted to be an artist.


After many years as a graphic designer, I have returned to my roots in the fine arts and my passion for printmaking. I received my BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Alberta College of Art and Design then began my career in the advertising industry. When I started a family I continued my design career on a freelance basis to spend more time with my children. Combining my fine art and commercial design skills with the artwork I create in my White River Studio challenges and inspires me to grow creatively.

I photograph my illustration and design projects to showcase the unique process I use to create my artwork. Projects I have been commissioned to create include logos, cover art, illustrations for signage, infographics and packaging design. I am always searching for new opportunities to expand my business and share my love for printmaking and design. My collections of linocut illustrations are also available for purchase through my White River Studio Shop on Creativemarket.com.