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My name is Renée White. I tell stories with my linocuts & designs. 


Welcome to White River Studio. I am a prairie girl with a passion for linocut printmaking. The designs, illustrations, and surface patterns I create with my prints are a labour of love that begin with hand-carved linocuts and drawings I create in my studio. Nature, vintage design, history, and literature inspire my work. I have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from advertising agencies to television production art departments. 

I welcome commissions for branding partnerships and contracts for licensing my work.

How can I tell your story?

• Illustrations for books and editorial
• Graphic design for film and television

• Licensed artwork

• Logos, package design and branding 
• Patterns for wallpaper and home decor
• Large format artwork for displays and events

 To see what I am currently working on in my studio, please visit me on Instagram.

Artwork on this site © 2023 by Renée White.

Photos by Captured in Amber Photography

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